We're working hard towards reducing the resources used in our end to end supply chain - electricity, chemicals and plastic waste.


We send Black Arrow domestic orders with Sendle, Australia's first 100% carbon neutral delivery service. They use fuel efficient delivery methods and offset the remaining Co2 produced through conservation, regeneration and community initiatives in Australia and around the world.

Our packaging has been selected to be environmentally conscious as well with 100% compostable mail satchels from Better Packaging that breakdown in months, not decades. Our gear is also sent in reusable dust bags and the cotton ones can be composted if you no longer need them as they're also printed with water based inks.


We strive for a range that is ethically made, working closely with our makers from small businesses to ensure our gear is produced in a responsible and safe environment. Our manufacturers in Pakistan, Spain, Nepal and China are all treated with the respect and friendship they deserve and we hope that kindness shines through in the quality of the craftsmanship they display in making our gear.


We've partnered with Future Neutral, extending our sustainability measures to our customers by giving you the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint.

Future Neutral allows customers to add a one-click carbon offset at the checkout, helping reduce your annual lifestyle footprint, and taking climate action. This is done through donating a small percentage of the total sale on top of your purchase to certified, vetted, carbon offset projects that reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

Future Neutral supports a number of projects as directed by their team of experts and advisory council. These include United Nations certified projects, and locally, a partnership with Australian non-profit Greenfleet.

If you’d like to see up to date certificates and tracking - head to the Future Neutral Carbon Offsets page.

How can I make my gear last as long as possible?

A key part of making garments and the fashion industry more sustainable is being able to maximise the amount of wear you get out of the pieces you purchase. We want your Black Arrow Moto gear to last you as long as possible which is why we've put together our Care Guide. Motorcycle gear is primarily out in the elements a lot and to keep it in good condition it will need you to give it some attention every now and then.

Why don't you run discounted sales?

Since we started in 2015 we have strived to offer our customers the most beautiful motorcycle gear with a great fit and high quality materials.
We believe in fair pricing both for our factories expertise and for our stockists. For this reason we don't run discounted sales. However, once a year we present our online 'Garage Sale' where we offer discontinued styles, samples and returned or faulty pieces. We see this as a sustainable and responsible way to deal with stock that needs a little love instead of ending up in landfill. Time to get creative and put those 'Visible Mending' techniques to use!