Lifetime Guarantee

BLACK ARROW MOTO offers customers a guarantee that our products will stand up to the rigours for which they were intended. All BLACK ARROW MOTO products (excluding the exceptions listed below) are backed by a manufacturing warranty, which we extend to the original owner in order to safeguard against any and all defects in workmanship and material.


Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, no piece of clothing can, or ever will, last forever. Therefore, our manufacturing warranty applies only to a reasonable expectation of the product’s lifetime. This period of time is different for each product and is subject to our discretion.

Zippers are not included in the warranty coverage of our products. Additionally, damages due to normal wear and tear, such as rips, tears, abrasions, UV degradation, misuse, neglect, or natural breakdown of materials over time, are in no way covered under this warranty (please see our Product Care Guide for information on keeping your gear in top condition).




  • Zipper malfunctions
  • Fabric caught in zipper
  • Fabric/zipper stressed beyond intended use
  • Neglect of care instructions
  • Damage from a pet or animal
  • Odor
  • Burns (cigarette, bonfire, etc.)
  • Fading from sunlight
  • Fabric wear over time
  • Human error
  • Snag, scrapes, holes caused by owner
  • Unauthorised repairs made
  • Used outside of the intended use
  • Contact with other fabrics
  • Issues with fit over time
  • D3O® armour


However, if you truly suspect that a product has failed prematurely due to poor workmanship or a defect in materials used, then we encourage you to submit it to us for review.

Please send an email to with:


  • A description of the defect
  • Order number
  • Photos of the damage/defect


Your request will be inspected by us to determine if a replacement or repair will take place. You will be notified with a decision as soon as your case is reviewed. If the item falls outside our warranty, we may still repair but at the customer's cost for repair and shipping. All replacements and/or repairs are at our discretion.

If you have a warranty claim on an item that is out of stock, you will be eligible for store credit in the amount of the item’s current price. (If the item was bought on sale, you will be eligible for store credit in the amount of the sale price.)

Please note, if your warranty claim qualifies for a replacement and/or store credit due to impossibility of repair, we will not return garments submitted for warranty.


Customers are responsible for shipping items to BLACK ARROW MOTO for warranty evaluation. Our typical turnaround time is 6 to 8 weeks from the time we receive your product until it is returned to you. In rare cases, this process may take longer. For further questions, please contact