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Yamaha XSR 700 Review

Jan 28, 2017Hannah Smith

I was recently given the opportunity thanks to Yamaha Australia and the Foxy Fuelers to test ride the soon to be released XSR700 for a week.

I am head over heels for this bike and I am a die hard classic motorcycle fan. There aren't too many modern motorcycles that will turn my head but the XSR700 with it's take on retro styling had me at first sight.

It is incredibly easy to ride with a lightweight and well balanced chassis. Everything functions seamlessly.

This model in Australia has had a 655cc inline 2-cylinder engine installed which makes the Aussie XSR700, learner legal!

I put this motorcycle through its paces in the city and out on the motorway and it performed without falter in both environments. At high speeds on the motorway the bike is smooth, there was barely any noticeable vibration and it was quick to get up to speed with excellent power through to a high RPM. In the city I found it nimble enough to manoeuvre around traffic and with car drivers being as they are, ABS brakes are a great addition. A wide rear tyre also makes cornering very easy with a good feeling of traction. The bike weighs 186kg wet which might deter some women, but the XSR700 is really well balanced and does not feel heavy at all.

Aside from its obvious good looks (that green tank!), the thing I love most about this motorcycle is how easily customisable it is. Designed to be taken apart and modified with a great selection of XSR700 parts like seats, handlebars, engine covers and tool bags. 
The seat hight for women could be a little high at 815mm and if I had to be picky I find the handlebars to be too wide but both could be easily fixed by picking up some new Yamaha accessories.

Overall, the Yamaha XSR700 is a perfect bike for learners and a very fun ride for the more experienced. And after having it for a week I was definitely reluctant to hand the keys back!

For more info, check out Yamaha specs online:

Photos by Bearded Images.

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